Improved customer loyalty

Customers find things which are relevant to their needs faster and, later on, without even having to submit additional queries. This saves them time and increases their loyalty to the given store, minimizing the possibility of choosing a competitive one.

Increased revenues

Large volumes of sales make every single percentage of increased conversion rates worth thousands in increased revenues. Shopimate™ also improves customer loyalty – the increase is permanent, with shoppers buying more often and in larger quantities.

Management optimization

Shopimate™ uses the product feed and displays results to the store’s fronted. This means that multiple stores can be unified into a single product feed, which can be handled by one sales manager and customized based on location, availability or other parameters.

Low investment costs

The only costs are implementation and subscription. There are no additional expenses, IT resources or advanced training necessary. Because Shopimate™ earns money from the start, the real costs are next to nothing.

Low maintenance costs

After implementing Shopimate™, you can move your strategic resources to other projects. Shopimate™ is fully automated, providing results without needing dedicated IT teams – just a sales manager. All support is handled by Fablo.

Increased conversion rates

Shopimate™ search gives customers access to relevant products faster – they quickly purchase what they came for. On the other hand, Shopimate™ recommendations always increase conversion rates, comparing to stores without such systems.
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