Shopimate™ provides the online store with tools to improve its customers’ shopping experience. Selected features are:

Customer satisfaction oriented features:

Fast results displaying – the customer gets to the products he wants instantly, with search results being displayed in milliseconds and updated as each additional letter or word is entered. So he spends more time shopping instead of navigating, buys more and is more likely to return to make future purchases.

Relevant search results – let shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for. Shopimate™ allows to find products using product codes, synonyms, complex queries and different product variants.

Typo-tolerance – serve expected results despite wrong or mistyped queries. Shopimate™ handles both simple typos – e.g. “carot juce” will find ”carrot juice” – as well as more complex errors. This means your shoppers can always find what they plan to buy and are less likely to leave for the competition.

Keywords support – Shopimate™ handles custom keywords assigned to products or product groups. You can use unofficial names or desired functions of products (e.g. “headache” can display specific painkilling products).

Shopping flow control features:
Definable synonyms – define an unlimited range of industry-specific synonyms right in the control panel.

Custom hotwords and related actions – define hotwords which were written by customers into ‘search window’ triggers, provoking any HTML-based action on the shop’s website. For example – “shipping” will show the delivery information page, “discounts” will display the offer of choice.

“No-results” action – when no results are found, trigger any HTML-based action on the shop’s website, as for hot words above and keep shoppers in your store. Simply define custom HTML messages or banners to be displayed.

Customizable results – filter results seen by your customer based on any parameter – location of the store, product brand, availability and so on.

Search results/frontend control features:
Sort by attributes – display a specific set of attributes which you want your clients to sort products by.

Adjustable result view – automatically arrange search results into tiles or lists based on customer preference, giving the shopper more clarity and better ease of use.

Intelligent filters – Shopimate™ offers dynamic search filters, allowing your customers to quickly narrow down the results. The filters automatically adapt to the results, always offering only compatible customization parameters. Shopimate™ only shows filters which are relevant in a specific stage of narrowing.

Flexible templates – product templates can be modified on-the-fly with additional elements, as defined in the product feed. This allows to instantly signal availability, new offers, discounts or special shopping opportunities to your customers or emphasize products which are out of stock.

Upselling features:
Promotions – define “special offer” products which display on top of search results even if they are not fully relevant to the search query.

Recommendations – display personalized recommendations of products which customers are most likely to buy. These recommendations are calculated in real time and based on the customer’s similarity to other ones and their personal purchasing history.

Bestsellers – display most purchased products for specific categories or for the shop on the basis of data automatically gathered from the website.

Recommendations filtering – filter recommended products by any variables, such as shop branch location, branding, any other product attributes, stock availability on FIFO, informations you have about users and others. Give shoppers exactly what they want to buy and what you want them to buy.

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The presented features are only a fraction of Shopimate™ capabilities. To discover the full potential of Shopimate™ and explore Enterprise-level features, contact us.

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