Shopimate™ is a comprehensive and self-sustained search and upselling solution for enterprise e-commerce. It combines search, filtering and recommendations into a single platform, enabling customers to find demanded products as fast and as easy as possible.

It integrates with the store via its API. It uses the product feed and outputs results to the store’s frontend.

Shopimate™ improves onsite search quality, increasing sales and conversion rates. It additionally targets customers on an individual level with automated recommendations, maximising sales probability.



Shopimate™ real-time search is focused on the customer’s experience, allowing him to see the results fast and despite any errors on his part. It allows to take control with synonyms or keywords, programmable actions and support for custom hot words. It provides a unique shopping experience thanks to its parametric, intelligent filtering and fully customizable results.



Shopimate™ recommendations analyze customer behavior, remembering their preferences. The system focuses on the customer’s entire shopping history, predicting and modifying their needs in real time. It then provides the customer with tailored suggestions regarding products to buy. These are recommended based on an extensive cross-validation of observed shopping patterns and targeted to maximize selling potential. They can also be customize, giving customers access to best selling products or filtering them based on availability, store location, etc.


Competitive Edge

Shopimate™ focuses on areas often neglected by e-commerce companies and provides a solution that translates into visible improvements. Our recommendation system will start working instantly, learning customer’s behaviors and giving them viable purchase options since day one. Our search system will enable customers to shop with ease and speed, translating into better conversion rates by the end of the first month.
What’s more, Shopimate is designed with ease of integration in mind and backed by our 99,95% uptime guarantee.
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